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I am sure that this significant event commemorating the anniversary of such ancient Russian city will play an important role in maintaining ancient traditions, strengthening the state system and uniting Russians. Read more...

Zhukov A.D.
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Co-chairman of the Federal Organizing Committee on the preparation for and carrying out of the celebration of 1150th Novgorod the Great anniversary.

2009 will see the 1150th anniversary of Novgorod the Great, the most ancient Russian city, which recorded history began together with the history of Russia. This is the city where the Russian state system, Russian democracy as well as Russia?s economic and cultural relations with Europe originated from. Novgorod the Great has always been a strong center of Russian Orthodoxy, literacy and spiritual culture. Read more...

Mitin S.G.,
Governor of Novgorod Region, Chairman of the Region Organizing Committee on the preparation for and carrying out of the 1150th anniversary of Novgorod the Great and Hanseatic days XXIX.

The city administration does its best to preserve the unique heritage of the Old Russian center and to create a comfortable environment for Novgorodians and the city?s guests. I invite you to visit Novgorod the Great, the city of unchanging hospitality! Read more...

Bobryshev Yu.I.,
Mayor of Novgorod the Great, Chairman of the City Organizing Committee on the preparation for and carrying out of the 1150th anniversary of Novgorod the Great and Hanseatic days XXIX.

31.10.2009 Mexican Passions Running High at the Concert Stage of Novgorod
30.10.2009 "Motherland"
30.10.2009 "Back from "the Winter War"
29.10.2009 French Reading Day
28.10.2009 "And the architects answered "Yes, we can!"
28.10.2009 First night in the Japanese style
27.10.2009 "Songs Glorify the Motherland"
26.10.2009 Money from Water
26.10.2009 School Pupils will Get to Know about the Industrial Novgorod
25.10.2009 New Tourism Projects
24.10.2009 Novgorodians are invited to listen to "Rus' the Original"
23.10.2009 Exhibition "Tradition and Modernity"
23.10.2009 Children show folk holidays
22.10.2009 Festival of Bulgarian Films
21.10.2009 Bring a Vinyl Record and Get a Ruble
20.10.2009 Novgorod is Going to Host Dmitry Hvorostovsky
19.10.2009 Embroidered Beauty
17.10.2009 Sonata for a Ray of Light with an Orchestra
16.10.2009 Novgorod the Great in the Sphere of Tourism
16.10.2009 The Novgorod Theater ? in the International Dance Festival
15.10.2009 Hansa Project in the International Exhibition
15.10.2009 The Novgorod Governor?s Name is Given to a Planet
14.10.2009 The program "Cities? Romance" is being shot in Novgorod the Great
13.10.2009 The Authorities will Ask Citizens for Money Needed to Erect a Monument
13.10.2009 The Military Financial Expert paints Novgorod
12.10.2009 Novgorod?s Craftsmen will Take Part in the Exhibition "Russia?s Potters ? 2009"
10.10.2009 The Head of the Old Believer Church has visited Novgorod the Great
09.10.2009 "Colors of Wisdom" by Victor Kutkovsly
09.10.2009 A Present from Englishmen
08.10.2009 "Come on, Hurry up!"
08.10.2009 Construct Novgorod Kremlin!
07.10.2009 German Schoolchildren were Impressed by the Beauty of Novgorod Nature
06.10.2009 Leonid Kuchma Has Congratulated Novgorodians on Occasion of the Anniversary
06.10.2009 Presentation of the Book "Walking in Novgorod the Great"
05.10.2009 "Alexander Nevsky" Moved the Governor to Tears
05.10.2009 The IV Festival of Historical Films "Veche" has come to completion
05.10.2009 Novgorod?s Stage is Hosting the Copenhagen Men?s Choir
05.10.2009 Igor Moiseyev Ensemble Appeared on Novgorod?s Stage in Honor of the Anniversary
03.10.2009 The Novgorodskaya Philharmonic Marks the Anniversary
03.10.2009 Friends of Boris Nepomnyaschy
02.10.2009 The Exhibition United 107 Secular and Religious Organizations
02.10.2009 The Culture of Old-Russian Everyday Life for Children
02.10.2009 Again "Veche" in Novgorod the Great
01.10.2009 Today We Honor Teachers

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